Brand Introduction

Like the spirit of the macaron that strives for perfection

In the early twentieth century
A Parisian pastry chef developed the sandwiching method
where sweet, thick paste filling is sandwiched between the two traditional covers
This small, round cookie has been much sought after for the past 150 years
This cookie, now known as the macaron, is still loved by the public today.——————macaron
The macaron, which is delicate and without a complicated shape, is surprisingly difficult to make
The ratio of egg white, sugar, and frosting, as well as baking temperature
must be controlled properly to bake a fashionable macaron


Like the spirit of the macaron that strives for perfection
Kingirls facial masks make facial masks a key part of complete skin care routines

Without absolutely perfect research and development, and a highly regulated manufacturing process
Without more than 40 years of proficiency and professional production experience with GMP
to overcome the quality control problems brought by not adding Paraben, MI / MCI or other chemicals
This hypoallergenic and highly awaited product made specially for sensitive skin would never have been able to be made
The impeccable high-end facial mask and care brand