Brand Introduction

When Macaron Meets King Girl

Each afternoon tea is like a scene from spring
The tranquil and soft air is the twinkling dance between macarons and Earl Grey tea
Let afternoon tea become a way of life
Let everything in life be as wondrous as meeting freshly baked macarons
Elegant and confident, like bathing in the spring breeze——————kingirls

Good Facial Masks are Like Freshly Baked Macarons

On Appearance: The exquisite design is made to match the richness of the contents
On Components: With a perfect proportion of filling and essence Kingirls contains no preservatives or artificial essence
On Quality: They, too, demand perfection Let your skin

bask in the afternoon sun in Paris!
Like girls and macaroons at afternoon tea that come in a set,
it is so delightful that one cannot bear to part with it!